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Temporary location and schedule (Updated May 17th)

We will be temporarily holding classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Lay Park Gym on 297 Hoyt St Athens, GA 30601 (about 1 minute away from old studio).

2015!!!! (Updated January 3rd)

Now that 2014 is over, we have a lot to look forward to in 2015 and we quite a few events coming up and a reminder of some of changes that are being made.
1.  We now have full access to our new studio which will allow more classes and private lesson slots.  Please see the website for the new schedule as well as the monthly fee structure.
Normal practice hours will be starting this week.  We may be in process of switching the new class times around that will fit everyone’s schedule, but we would like to have a permanent set schedule by February.
2.  We are hosting a 3 weapon clinic (foil, epee, and sabre) on MLK weekend (Jan 17-19).  Epee will be on Saturday, foil will be on Sunday, and sabre will be on Monday.  Each session will be 4 hours going from 12:00pm-4:00pm (if there are more sessions added, they will be from 5:00pm-9:00pm)  We may be adding another sabre session on Saturday after the epee to keep the number of people spread out evenly.  We have quite a lot of fencers interested and will be bringing a few coaches as well.
3.  UGA Open will be on January 24th at the Ramsey student center.  The sabre events will be closing registration at 12:00pm and 3:00pm.  This will require USFA Competitive Membership which can be obtained here:
This event will have 200+ fencers attending which will be one of the biggest fencing events in the Southeast.

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE. (Updated December 21st)

Wednesday and Thursday both this week AND next week will be CLOSED.
Dec 24-25 and Dec 31-Jan 1 = CLOSED
Tuesdays and Fridays will be the make up days (you are are welcome to attend both days each week).  The times below are when the classes will meet.
5:30pm-7:00pm – Youth class
7:00pm-9:00pm – Teen/adult class
Mondays, Saturdays, and before class times are available for private lesson scheduling.

NEW SCHEDULE!  (Updated December 16th)

Please see Registration/Class Schedule page for details!

New schedule will start *January 1st, 2015*

NEW LOCATION!!! (Updated December 6th)

Our new Location is located on “130 Ware st, Athens GA.”  Class schedule will remain the same for now and we will keep you all updated on any changes.

*Please call or email about class times!*

Check our results page from recent tournaments!

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